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Pentolpress is a company that produces and promotes 100% Made in Italy. Born from the passion, experience, and know-how of its founders; established industrial entrepreneurs. Pentolpress is characterized by its productive efficiency, its flexibility and versatility. The company goal is to offer high quality consumer products, for everyday use and for any occasion, original and aesthetic in line. Pentolpress presents to you a wide range of lines and forms for every type of cooking; that incorporates a continuous and careful research into design and application.

Raw materials

The raw materials used are of the finest quality: Aluminium to EU UNI EN 601 standard, the glass covers are original Pyrex, the handles of beech wood. The non-stick coating supplied by Withford is triple high thickness layer and PFOA FREE. All items are controlled and finished manually. The Pentolpress patented removable handle allows for extreme ease, on and in the oven. We have also given the same thought to our cooking tools which enhance the joy to cook, day after day. Created for Art.


The warranty on the products of the JULIENNE line is valid for 2 YEARS from the date of purchase, 3 YEARS for the GRANIT line and 5 years for the TITANIUM line. In the event that the product presents, despite compliance with the instructions for use, defects or peeling, PENTOLPRESS srl guarantees the replacement of the article after returning the defective product accompanied by the CERTIFICATE OF GUARANTEE, proven by the reseller’s stamp. The warranty does not cover damage to the non-stick coating due to overheating, the use of unsuitable utensils and the discoloration of the pot support surface due to the use of aggressive and abrasive salts or detergents during the washing phase.

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